Special Welcome and seven areas of Excellence


I trust you will enjoy the training.

My goal is to make the training experience a great success for you. Share with me if you have any suggestions for enhancing the overall learning experience.

My style is that of a servant-leader and although I am happy if 99 percent of my clients are happy, I still want to go after the last one percent who is unhappy and needs attention.

 My thoughts for you are:

  • Help others to make a difference.
  • Dance as though no one is watching you.
  • Love as though you have never been hurt.
  • Sing as though no one can hear you.
  • Live as though heaven is on earth.
  • Be a lifelong learner.

Remember that the training is not over once you have completed it. For me it is the beginning of a new season. Also, if anything bothers you regarding the training program, or you want me to do something extra, please let me know.

Learning Methodology

Please download and work through the PowerPoint slides on the learning methodology before you start with the fist lesson.


  • The learning program is outcome-based which means that you take the responsibility of the learning away from the facilitator and place it in your own hands.
  • You will complete a number of relevant assignments that will form part of the formative assessment which must be handed in as part of the formal assessment.
  • ·The program will be followed by summative assessment tasks to be completed through self-study. 


Make the difference wherever you go.

 Kind regards

 Dr Mario Denton

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1.   How would you describe yourself or just anything that you want to bring under our attention??

2.   What are you hoping to get out of the course?

Each week you’ll tackle a new module, giving you maximum flexibility to work in your own free time.

With a personalised and supported framework, you’ll study in your own time, guided by an distinguished international industrial Psychologist expert and a dedicated support team.

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